Promote your Google Workspace Marketplace apps with the new badge for developers

DEC 14, 2021

Posted by Elena Kingbo, Program Manager

Recently, Google Workspace Marketplace launched new features for developers to improve the application search and evaluation experience in the Marketplace for our Google Workspace admins and end users.

Continuing with updates to further improve the developer experience, we are excited to announce Google Workspace Marketplace badges.

The new badges will allow developers to promote their published Google Workspace Marketplace applications on their own websites. Users will be taken directly to the Marketplace application listing, where they can review application details, privacy policy, terms of service, and more. These users will then be able to securely install applications directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

This promotional tool can help you reach more potential users and grow your business. By being part of the Google Workspace Marketplace ecosystem, you receive direct access to the more than 3 billion Google Workspace users, where they can browse, search, and install solutions they need. To date, we've seen a stunning 4.8 billion apps installed in Google Workspace, transforming the way users connect, create, and collaborate.

The new Google Workspace Marketplace badge for developers.

Use the badge to show your existing and potential customers where they can find your application, backed by Google Workspace’s industry-leading standards of quality, security, and compliance. For developers with products available globally, the badge is available in 29 languages including Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, and more.

The new Google Workspace Marketplace badge creation page for developers.

Refresh your Marketplace application listing and marketing assets

When you are ready to incorporate the new badge onto your website to feature your Marketplace app, we recommend that you also review the creatives and information used in your app’s listing in the Google Workspace Marketplace. You should also include well designed feature graphics in your listing and localize your featured graphics, screenshots, and description to improve conversions globally.

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