New Sidewiki “Sidebar” web element

SEP 03, 2010

We are very pleased to announce a new Sidewiki “sidebar” web element. Google Sidewiki allows visitors to your website to contribute helpful information and read other visitors’ insights alongside the pages of the website. The new web element is a Sidewiki button, which, when clicked, displays a fully functional Sidewiki sidebar to the left of the page content. This means that your visitors can see the Sidewiki content for your page even if they don’t have Google Toolbar or the Sidewiki Chrome extension installed.

You can choose from several different look and feels created by Google or even create a new custom one. Use our wizard to choose the desired look and behavior, embed the generated code in your page, and you’re done. Here's a sketch of what it looks like when a visitor is looking at the Sidewiki content.

Go to to get started. If you'll be using the element on your site, we’d love to hear about it via @googlesidewiki on Twitter.

By Roman Shuvaev, Sidewiki Team