New Dashboard in Google Developer Profiles

MAY 04, 2021

Posted by Chris Demeke, Product Manager; Amani Newton, Technical Writer

The last time you signed into your Google Developer Profile, you may have noticed a change. Now, after signing-in, you’re invited to view your personal dashboard.

Google Developer Profile dashboard

This feature provides a personalized view of your activity and learning content across Google Developers, Firebase, and Android (more to come soon). With the Developer Dashboard, you can see a history of your earned badges and other activity, continue any in-progress codelabs or pathways, or start a new pathway.

This feature is just the latest step in Google’s ongoing plan to maintain a thriving ecosystem for developers and provide more tailored experiences. Here’s what’s new:

Create and organize a personalized list of developer pages that you care about

Animation of saved pages

Quickly access the pages you visit frequently using the Saved Pages feature. By selecting the bookmark icon next to any developer reference page, you can add it to your Saved Pages, and open them here at a later date.

Keep track of what you learn across Google Developers, Firebase, and Android

image showing how to keep track of what you learn on your developer profile

Your dashboard will keep track of your in-progress codelabs and pathways for you, eliminating the trouble of forgetting to bookmark. You can view a history of all of your developer achievements and activities, across Google Developers, Firebase, and Android.

Collect badges and share your achievements

3 examples of badges you can earn

Show off your familiarity with the latest technologies by passing short assessments, and earn badges that you can share on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Sign in today to view your personal dashboard, or to get started, head to and click Create profile.