New API: AdSense

JUN 06, 2006
The AdSense API is a free beta SOAP service that allows you to directly integrate AdSense into your service offerings. Targeted towards websites that offer services like web hosting, web publishing, social networking and blogging, the AdSense API allows your users to participate in the AdSense program without leaving your website. You can help monetize your users' web content on your website and tailor your AdSense offerings to the user by customizing the ad formats, placement, colors, and more. The AdSense API also offers AdSense for Search and AdSense Referrals integration in addition to reports that will allow your users to view their ad performance and earnings generated from their web pages.

By offering AdSense to your users, you will also receive a share of the revenue when users choose to add AdSense to their hosted content. Integrating with the AdSense API is easy. If you own a site in which you register users who manage web content, and your site has more than 100,000 daily pageviews, you may qualify for participation in the AdSense API (BETA). If you'd like to participate, apply to be a developer. Once you're approved, just download the AdSense API WSDLs and the SOAP toolkit in the programming language of your choice and start making money for yourself and for your users with the AdSense program.