Making it easier for anyone to start exploring A.I.

NOV 15, 2016
Alexander Chen, Creative Lab

With all the exciting A.I. stuff happening, there are lots of people eager to start tinkering with machine learning technology. We want to help make it easier for anyone to do that – whether you're an engineer, hobbyist, student, or someone who's just curious. But sometimes, it can feel pretty intimidating when you're just getting started.

That's why we've created a site called A.I. Experiments. The site showcases simple experiments that let anyone play with this technology hands-on, and resources for creating your own experiments.

The experiments show how machine learning can make sense of all kinds of things – images, drawings, language, sound, and more. They were made by people with all different interests – web developers, musicians, game designers, bird sound enthusiasts, data visualizers – with everyone bringing their own ideas for how to use machine learning.

We also want to make it easier for coders to make their own experiments. Many of the projects we're featuring are built with tools anyone can use, like Cloud Vision API, Tensorflow, and other libraries from the machine learning community. The site has videos by the creators explaining how they work, and links to open-source code to help you get started. To submit something you've made, or just play with things other people are making, visit A.I. Experiments.

And if you're looking for even more inspiration for what's possible using machine learning, check out these new experiments from our friends in Google Arts & Culture.