Google Developer Days 2009: New Locations!

AUG 17, 2009
After a successful set of Google Developer Days in Asia and Brazil this past June, Google Developer Days 2009, a set of one-day developer events, are returning to Eastern Europe and Russia this fall.

We'll host Google Developer Day in these locations:At Google Developer Day, attendees learn about Google developer products from the engineering teams who built them. These events are an opportunity for developers with strong coding experience to delve deeper into our APIs, developer tools and applications. There is also plenty of time to interact among the developer community and with Googlers themselves at "office hours," during which developers can bring their own snippets of code or specific product questions to the Google engineers behind the product.

Save the dates as the official websites and registration for both events will be available soon. Hope to see you there.

By Alyssa England Sachs, Google Developer Programs