GDE Profile: Danielle Monteiro, Cloud GDE

MAR 22, 2022

Posted by Janelle Kuhlman, Developer Relations Program Manager

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Cloud GDE Danielle Monteiro seeks to introduce more women and underrepresented people to data and the Cloud

For Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating a few of our Google Developer Experts. Meet Danielle Monteiro, Cloud GDE.

“There are few Black women working with data,” says Cloud GDE Danielle Monteiro, who works full-time as a Cloud Solutions Architect - Data & Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft in São Paulo, Brazil. “Being a Black woman working with data and recognized by Google is a very important recognition, and it helps me bring possibilities to women who share the same origin as me.”

In her almost 20 years of experience in technology, Danielle has worked as a developer, a Database Administrator, a Data Architect, and a Data Engineer, and is now a Cloud Solutions Architect. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering and is a Microsoft Regional Director, a Microsoft #MVP, and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. She gives frequent talks and has designed multiple courses and tutorials because she believes it’s important to share technical knowledge with as many women as possible. “We have openings in technology; we have wonderful technologies, but we lack people with this knowledge,” she says. “I believe that technology, combined with shared knowledge and empathy, will change the world.”

In 2019, Danielle was the first Brazilian woman to speak at MongoDB World, was honored with a MongoDB innovation award and named a MongoDB Female Innovator. She has recorded three courses for LinkedIn Learning. Danielle also created the DANI Academy platform to help developers and database administrators deploy, optimize, and propose complex data architectures. Her blog helps beginner developers model and query relational and NoSQL databases. She also participates in communities including Databases-SP, woMakersCode, .NET-SP, and BlackRocks. Currently, Danielle is in the midst of a project focused on inviting people from underrepresented groups to work with data and the Cloud. “I love working with data and the Cloud,” Danielle says. “I believe that I can share my knowledge and bring more and more women to an incredible area.”

Google Cloud has helped her in her work and personal projects, and being a GDE has allowed her to dive deeper into the product. “Believe me, this support is essential,” she says. “I believe in the union of a great company and my ideas of sharing and mirroring knowledge to other women. It’s an honor to be a GDE.”

Follow Danielle on Twitter at @danimonteirodba | Learn more about Danielle on LinkedIn.

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