Building for a more productive inbox with AMP

OCT 13, 2020

Posted by Jon Harmer, Product Manager, Google Workspace

With today being the start of AMP Fest, quite naturally AMP is on our minds. One of the ways that AMP shines is through email. With AMP for Email, brands can change triggered emails from being just another notification to an easy way for a user to always have realtime and relevant context.

Expanding the AMP Ecosystem

We’re excited to be partnering with Verizon Media and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to build for a future in which every message and touchpoint is an opportunity to make a delightful impression with rich, web-like experiences.

“The motivation to join the AMP for email project was simple: Allowing brands to send richer and more engaging emails to our users. This in turn creates a much better user experience. This also enables features and functionality right within the email environment which are on par with other native web or app experiences. It’s a perfect fit with our mission ... to create the best consumer email experience.” said Nirmal Thangaraj, Engineer on Verizon Media Mail, which powers AOL and Yahoo! Mail.

Making things even easier for email senders, Salesforce announced at AMP Fest that early next year, senders will be able to send AMP emails from the Marketing Cloud. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud enabling AMP emails, senders can add one to two actionable steps into their emails and store that information back in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

AMP for Productivity

Another area where AMP can really make an impact is in the office. With the influx of applications in the workplace, companies are using new SaaS applications to simplify individual processes - but it comes with a downside of complicating a workers day by requiring that employee jump from app to app to get work done. With context aware content that's dynamically populated and updated in real-time, AMP helps make email a place where work gets done .

Let’s take a look at a couple partners who have been building AMP emails, and how they’ve gone about implementing AMP as part of their email strategy.


Guru sends tens of thousands of notification emails each day, and while helpful, there were limitations to their effectiveness. Here’s Jason Maynard, Guru’s VP of Product on AMP:

“Static emails are helpful for giving a user awareness of a necessary task, but they also require that user to navigate away from their inbox to our web app in order to review knowledge cards and take specific actions. Their workflow is interrupted. Thus, we decided to leverage AMP in hopes of alleviating this user friction with a goal of fostering engagement within an email thread and reducing context switching.”

And the process and results also were in Guru’s favor: “AMP’s predefined components, documented examples, and testing playgrounds were all development resources that enabled us to deploy AMP payloads very quickly.The new implementation has resulted in users now being able to interact with these notifications to a much greater extent. Users can now expand and read knowledge cards within their email thread. They can also complete actions such as card verifications and reply comments. Emails are now much more stateful and relevant to users.”

After deploying AMP, Guru saw a noticeable uptick in email-driven actions resulting in a 2.5x increase in the number of card comment actions and a 75% increase in card verification. These are thousands of new actions that helped teams manage their knowledge base, all without leaving their inbox.

Amp gif


VOGSY, the Professional Services Automation Cloud App for Workspace, sends approval and notification emails that have multiple conversion paths. Historically, these actions would take a day to complete. With AMP, they've seen an 80% improvement in completion speed. Reaching this success was a smooth and pleasant journey.

“Our developers and our users love AMP technology. Developers truly enjoy building engaging emails with personalized content that is securely and dynamically updated every time you open the email. User adoption is 100%. Completing a workflow can be done without leaving your inbox. That is a huge improvement in user experience. Because of its fast adoption, we expect to send more than 2 million AMP emails in the first year,” said Leo Koster, Founder of VOGSY.


Amp with Copper image

Copper is a CRM designed for people whose business relies on relationship-building, Copper functions seamlessly in the background while employees spend time on what matters: customers. Email is obviously a big part of how organizations communicate, plan, and collaborate. And up to now, email is mostly used as a gateway to other applications where users can take action or complete their task.

“This is why the idea of dynamic emails intrigued us... Supercharging the receivers’ experience to provide up to date information that you can interact with from your inbox. Instead of receiving static email notifications each time you are tagged, we leveraged AMP for email to give users a single, dynamic email where they can see relevant information about the opportunity. They can then respond to comments from their teammates—bringing our users the most seamless experience possible wherever they like to work,” said Sefunmi Osinaike, Product Manager at Copper.

And best of all, the process was simple: “Our developers described the documentation as enjoyable because it helped us add rich components without the overhead of figuring out how to make them work in email with basic HTML. The ease of use of lists, inputs and tooltips accelerated the rate we prototyped our feature and it saved us a lot of time. We also got a ton of support on stack overflow with a response rate in less than 24 hours.”

For Copper, AMP has allowed them to take the experiences that always existed in Copper, but move them closer to the employee’s day-to-day workflow by allowing them to take those actions from email.


As an email design platform, has seen over 1,000 different companies create AMP email campaigns with Carousels, Feedback Forms, and Net Promoter Score forms--in one month alone. Stripo was able to implement AMP where users could fill out forms without having to leave their inbox. The strategy drove a 5x lift in effectiveness from traditional questionnaires.

We’re excited about AMP and all of the great use cases partners are implementing to modernize the capabilities of email. To learn more about AMP for Email, click here and be sure to check out AMP Fest.