A new open source content library from Google

MAY 19, 2021

Posted by Sebastian Trzcinski-Clément, Program Manager, Developer Relations

Developers around the world are constantly creating open source tools and tutorials but have a hard time getting them discovered. The content published often spanned many different sites - from GitHub to Medium. Therefore we decided to create a space where we can highlight the best projects related to Google technologies in one place - introducing the Developer Library.

GIF scrolling through Developer Library

The platform showcases blog posts and open source tools with easy-to-use navigation. Content is categorized by product areas; Machine Learning, Flutter, Firebase, Angular, Cloud, Android, with more to come.

What makes the Developer Library unique is that each piece featured on the site is reviewed, in detail, by a team of Google experts for accuracy and relevancy, so you know when you view the content on the site it has the stamp of approval from Google.

To demonstrate the breadth of content on the site here are some examples of published content pieces and video interviews with the developers who authored these posts:

There are two ways you can help us grow the Developer Library.

Firstly, If you have great content that you would like to see published on the Developer Library, please submit it for review here.

Secondly, the team welcomes feedback, so if you have anything you’d like to see added or changed on the Developer Library site, do complete this short feedback form or just file an issue on GitHub.

We can't wait to see what you build together!