More than a Map: a new site to explore the full power of the Google Maps API

October 03, 2012

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By Ken Hoetmer, Product Manager, Google Maps JavaScript APIs

We’re constantly working to build the most comprehensive, accurate and usable maps in the world for our users--no matter where or how they access Google Maps. While millions of people come directly to to search for a nearby business or get directions, many people around the globe experience Google Maps on their favorite website or application thanks to the Google Maps API (and some very talented developers). In fact, today 800,000 active websites and apps are using the Google Maps API to create interesting and useful experiences for you.
To demonstrate the capabilities and features of the Google Maps API, today we’re launching a new website called This site showcases the unique features of the Google Maps API and how developers are using it.

Visit to learn more!

Through you’ll learn how developers can embed popular Google Maps features like Street View, public transit directions, location data, and advanced data visualization capabilities into their website or app. The interactive demos on show how these features are ready to be added to any website or app.

Developers can use the Google Maps API to embed Street View imagery into their sites

Even if you’re not a developer, the animated London Heathrow flight map or global population heat map are a fun way to visualize data and explore the power of Google Maps.

Google Maps Developers Stories from Around the World also features stories from our community of developers who are using the Google Maps API to start businesses, help improve their communities or save the environment. Starting next week we’ll showcase these stories weekly on the Geo Developers Blog. And follow us on Google+ to learn more.

With just a backpack and a camera Google Maps team member Carlos Cuesta went on a global tour to video blog six distinct developers who are creating thriving applications with the Google Maps API.

Start exploring what’s possible with the Google Maps API today at:

Ken Hoetmer is Product Manager of the Google Maps JavaScript APIs, based in Sydney, Australia. A long time Maps API developer, he claims to have been the first external user of JavaScript Maps API v3.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor