GDL Presents: Women Techmakers

October 31, 2012

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Author PhotoBy Amanda Surya, Manager of YouTube and Commerce Developer Relations

When we launched Google Developers Live back in June, our goal was to give you 24/7/365 access to inspiration and training on our developer tools and platforms, extending the unmatched enthusiasm we see every year at Google I/O. We expanded the scope of our programming with GDL Presents: focused, week-long series with varied perspectives from developers on how they're successfully tackling technical and business challenges.

Our series for next week, GDL Presents: Women Techmakers bring you conversations with women tech leaders, activists and creators from diverse backgrounds.

Women Techmakers
will start as a five-episode series airing November 5th-9th daily at 2:30 PM PST (22:30 UTC), highlighting women in the technical space who are fearlessly innovating, honing technical expertise, and testing the boundaries of technology. Join us live in the studio as we chat with the following prominent female tech entrepreneurs:

Full episode schedule
Monday, 11/5 at 2:30 PM PST | 22:30 UTC [Add to calendar]
Hosts: Megan Smith - Vice President, Google [x] | Betsy Masiello - Policy Manager
Guest: Leslie Bradshaw - President, COO and Co-founder, JESS3
Join Leslie, COO and Co-founder of JESS3, in conversation with Megan Smith and Betsy Masiello, as they discuss Leslie’s experience growing a design business from two employees to a transnational operation.

Tuesday, 11/6 at 2:30 PM PST | 22:30 UTC [Add to calendar]
Hosts: Jean Wang - Lead Hardware Engineer for Project Glass
     Vivian Cromwell - Manager, Global Chrome Developer Relations
Guest: Mary Lou Jepsen - CEO and Founder, Pixel Qi
Drawing on Mary Lou’s experience leading the engineering and architectural design of the $100 laptops that inspired the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization, hosts Jean Wang and Vivian Cromwell sit down with the 2011 Anita Borg “Woman of Vision” Award for Innovation winner to discuss overcoming technical challenges in hardware.

Wednesday, 11/7 at 2:30 PM PST | 22:30 UTC [Add to calendar]
Hosts: Mary Grove - Head of Global Entrepreneurial Outreach
Stephanie Liu - Senior Program Manager, Developer Relations
Guests: Stephanie Palmeri - Principal with SoftTech VC
Angela Benton - Founder & CEO NewME Accelerator
Stephanie Palmeri of SoftTech VC and Angela Benton of NewMe Accelerator join Mary Grove and Stephanie Liu in the GDL studio to discuss their experiences with diversity in the startups/investment space.

Thursday, 11/8 at 2:30 PM PST | 22:30 UTC [Add to calendar]
Hosts: Claire Hughes Johnson - Vice President, Google Offers
Jessie Jiang - Product Management Lead, Google Cloud Platform
Guest: Diane Greene - Board of Directors, Google
Vice President of Google Offers Claire Hughes Johnson co-hosts with Cloud Platform PM Lead Jessie Jiang in Episode 4 of WTM. They will be exploring former VMWare CEO and current Google board member Diane Greene’s high-level thoughts on cloud computing and the role of women in the tech space.

Bitly and Pixability (Double Feature)

Friday, 11/9 at 2:30 PM PST (Part I) | 22:30 UTC
Hosts: Gretchen Howard - Director of Global Social Solutions
Amanda Surya - Manager, Developer Relations
[Part I] Guest: Bettina Hein - Founder and CEO, Pixability [Add to calendar]
Gretchen Howard and Amanda Surya speak with Pixability Founder & CEO Bettina Hein about her experience building successful technology businesses worldwide, and her commitment to activating women involvement in the tech space.

Friday, 11/9 at 3:15 PM PST (Part II) | 23:15 UTC
Hosts: April Anderson - Industry Director, Retail Sales at Google
Kathryn Hurley - Developer Programs Engineer, Google Compute Engine
[Part II] Guest: Hilary Mason - Chief Scientist, Bitly [Add to calendar]
April Anderson and Kathryn Hurley chat with Bitly Chief Scientist Hilary Mason about the role data plays in making business decisions, the intersection of government, policy, and technology, and her experience in the New York tech community.

You can view these episodes on Google Developers Live, the Google Developers YouTube channel, and on +Google Developers. RSVP to next week’s events by following +Google Developers Live, and add +Google Developers to your circles to submit questions and thoughts. Follow and contribute to the conversation using #WTM.

Amanda Surya is Manager of the YouTube and Commerce Developer Relations team at Google. In her spare time, she likes to blog about time-saving tips and of course watch YouTube videos.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor