Tech Talks and Fireside Chats at I/O 2010

June 04, 2010

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Today we’re releasing videos from the Tech Talks and Fireside Chats at I/O 2010. A look back on each track:

Tech Talks:

From new programming languages to venture capital to 5-minute lightning talks, the Tech Talks track at I/O was a veritable potpourri of geeky goodness.

You can find videos and slides for the Tech Talks on the linked session titles below:

  • Go programming - The Go programming language was released as an open source project in late 2009. Rob Pike and Russ Cox discussed how programming in Go differs from other languages.

  • Opening up Closure Library - Closure Library is the open-source JavaScript library behind some of Google's big web apps like Gmail and Google Docs. Nathan Naze talked about the library, its design, and how to integrate it in with your setup.

  • Optimize every bit of your site serving & web pages with Page Speed - Richard Rabbat and Bryan McQuade talked about Page Speed, an open-source Firefox/Firebug Add-on which allows web developers to evaluate and improve the performance of their web pages.

  • SEO site advice from the experts - Matt Cutts, Greg Grothaus, Tiffany Lane, and Vanessa Fox offered SEO feedback on a number of actual websites submitted by the audience.

  • Beyond design: Creating positive user experiences - John Zeratsky and Matt Shobe shared their tips on how to keep users coming back to your applications through a positive user experience.

  • How to lose friends and alienate people: The joys of engineering leadership - Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman regaled the audience with tips on how to lead vs. manage.

  • Ignite Google I/O - Brady Forrest and Ignite returned to I/O with an awesome line-up of speakers - Ben Huh, Matt Harding, Clay Johnson, Bradley Vickers, Aaron Koblin, Michael Van Riper, Anne Veling, and James Young.

  • Technology, innovation, computer science, & more: A VC panel - This year was the first time that we had investors/VCs speaking at I/O. Albert Wenger, Chris Dixon, Dave McClure, Paul Graham, Brad Feld, and Dick Costolo (moderator) debated hot tech topics including betting on start-ups with non-technical founders and open vs closed platforms.
The Tech Talk videos are also available in this YouTube playlist.

Fireside Chats:

In the 9 fireside chats at I/O this year, Google teams were eager to talk about the latest ongoings with their respective product areas, as well as spend most of the time on audience Q&A.

This year, we decided to record fireside chats because we know how popular they are not just with I/O attendees, but everyone interested in hearing from the engineers behind our products. You can find videos for the fireside chats below:

These videos can also be found in this Fireside Chats YouTube playlist or the YouTube playlist for each session track. (ex. the two Android Fireside Chats are also in the Android playlist)

On Monday, we’ll be posting the last batch of I/O videos from the Geo, Google APIs, and Google Wave tracks. Stay tuned!

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