Google Macintosh group announces Objective-C library for Google data APIs

April 17, 2007

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We are always excited to see new libraries come about that enable developers to easily access our Google data services. Today, the Google Macintosh group has released an Objective-C Google data APIs library that does just that for all Objective-C developers.

Greg Robbins, Software Engineer in the Google Macintosh team, wrote about the release:

I created a framework to use Google data APIs directly in Objective-C programs. We are using the framework for our application development, and today we are making the framework available to all developers. The Google Data APIs Objective-C Library joins MacFUSE and Breakpad as open-source development efforts of Google's Mac software team, hosted at

Google Calendar, Google Base, Google Spreadsheets, and generic Atom feeds like Blogger are supported now in the framework, with access to more services already in development. If you are a Mac developer, I hope you'll join the open-source project and help us make even more Mac applications Google-savvy.

I look forward to seeing slick, beautiful, Apple application UIs that are backed by Google APIs.