Introducing the Google AJAX Feed API

APR 18, 2007
Posted by DeWitt Clinton, Google Developer Programs

The AJAX Search team launched a new API this morning that introduces a subtle, yet powerful new way to integrate syndicated content into your web applications.

The Google AJAX Feed API provides functionality that allows webpages to retrieve any public RSS or Atom feed via a simple JavaScript method call. The data can be retrieved in either JSON or XML format, enabling web applications to easily mash up and consume the contents of public feeds. Some of the best content on the web is being syndicated over RSS and Atom channels; this API should help web developers quickly integrate rich external data sources into their web applications, while leveraging Google to do the the heavy lifting of crawling, caching, and content normalization.

Read more on the AJAX APIs blog, join the discussions in the developer forum, or see an example to get you started.