Google Summer of Code Update: The Free Network Project

January 03, 2007

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Matthew Toseland, who mentored three out of four of last year's GSoC students for The Free Network Project, wrote a round-up post for the program's conclusion; in a private mail (reprinted with his permission), Matthew writes:
"Michael Rogers is busily helping us with simulations, which should result in a new load management architecture and greatly improved performance. His last commit was yesterday.

Florent Daigniere is busy but continues to make significant contributions as well as being a great person to bounce ideas off of on IRC. However he was working with us quite extensively before GSoC; GSoC meant we could have continuity. Last commit yesterday.

Jerome Flesch wasn't my student, but he continues to commit improvements to Thaw, and is active on Frost (our internal chat system). Last commit Monday. ... Jerome's first commitwas on the 6th of June 2006."
Congratulations to the mentors and students of The Free Network Project for their tremendous success in GSoC last year. We're extremely proud that 75% of your GSoC students became committers.