Google Summer of Code Students On Tour

September 21, 2006

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Several students who participated in GSoC 2006 have been invited to present at universities and conferences worldwide:

Anant Narayanan, who worked on a web-based editor for GuideXML, was invited to speak at the recent FreeDel 2006 conference. If you're interested in learning more, Anant has posted the slides from his presentation, "Web Development Using JavaScript."

William Candillon created several new features for phpAspect and was invited to present on his project at L'École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Should you find yourself near Olomouc, Czech Republic next week, be sure to stop by the Openchange conference to hear Andrezj Zaborowski discuss his work on porting the Linux kernel to handheld devices.
Note: The Openchange website is in Czech.

And for those of in Argentina October 13-15th, you can visit Matias Capeletto at the sixth annual Journadas Regionales de Software Libre conference, where he'll be talking about his experiences writing a C++ library for Boost this summer.
Note: an English Translation of the Journadas Regionales de Software Libre site is available.