Google Calendar: More than Meetings

September 26, 2006

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Post by Michael Bolin, Software Engineer, Google Calendar

Google Calendar recently added support for some fun new features: you can now access the weather, phases of the moon, and even recent Google Doodles directly from your calendar. These new calendars are based on a kind of event we've added to Google Calendar, which we call "web content events." The idea is simple -- it's often useful to have content in your calendar that isn't about a specific meeting or appointment; you might want to see the scores from your favorite sports team, or see when your friends have posted new photos.

By using web content events, publishers can now expose web content of any sort directly within Google Calendar, simply by publishing a calendar with some specific additional fields, or using the Google Calendar Data APIs to programmatically modify a calendar.

We think this opens a whole new world of calendar content, and we're excited to see what developers and publishers will come up with. For more information on how to create a web content event calendar, take a look at our tips for getting started.