You heard it here first–add Google Developers on Google+

NOV 07, 2011

By Scott Knaster and Monica Tran, Google Developers Team

Did you know that 722 Googlers contributed to Google I/O in big ways and small in 2011? And that by the end of our Google Developer Day world tour, we will have sent 195 speakers around the world? Or that a team of 22 technical writers crafts all of the documentation you see at Google Code? It really does take a village, and that village includes you. So starting today, you can add our Google Developers page to your circles on Google+ to meet the people behind the products and platforms.

Our Google Developers page will be your primary source for updates from our platform teams, in addition to exclusives on events, behind-the-scenes Hangouts, and maybe banter on new API tweaks or even the latest YouTube sensation. It’ll also be the first place to get info on Google I/O 2012 (including I/O Live and I/O Extended), so we encourage you to get a head start by setting up your Google+ profile and adding Google Developers to a circle.

We’ve got an exciting lineup for you in the coming weeks, so keep checking back as we share our circles, announcements about Google I/O, and get our Google+ page rolling. And in case you’re wondering about Google+ Pages or want to create your own page, read more on the Official Google Blog.

Scott Knaster is a Technical Writer and is editor of the Google Code Blog. He has every issue of MAD magazine, which tells you something about him.

You might remember Monica Tran from I/O Live or one of our eight Google Developer Days around the world. This year, she’s back to lead the charge on Google I/O 2012.