Who's @ Google I/O - spotlight on the Social Web

MAY 18, 2009
Google is making the web a more sociable place by contributing to new standards and releasing new products that make it easy to integrate your website with the social web. We've invited a few friends that are helping build the social web to Google I/O so you can learn what's coming next and what it means for you.

Learn from successful developers
Social apps can grow up fast, and some have attracted tens of millions of users. We're planning sessions to help you understand the business side of social apps, and we'll have a panel where you can pick the brains of some of the biggest social app developers in the world.

Make some new friends
There's more to a successful social app than just a creative idea. From analytics to payment processing, there's a lot of code to write beyond the core functionality of an app. Luckily, companies have been springing up to fill the needs of this ecosystem. You can meet some of these new companies in the Developer Sandbox and see how their products can make your app better (and your life easier).

Meet the containers
One of the key benefits of OpenSocial is the incredible distribution it provides to app developers. Building your app on OpenSocial makes it possible to reach hundred of millions of users around the world. We've got sessions planned to let you meet the folks building OpenSocial platforms and learn more about what kind of apps work well in different social environments.

The next generation
IBM, Salesforce.com, Oracle, eXoPlatform, SAP, Atlassian - not who you'd expect to be speaking on an OpenSocial session. Speakers from these companies will come together to talk about how the enterprise software development community is bringing social concepts and technology like OpenSocial into the enterprise.

To see all the sessions we've got planned to help you learn about the social web, go to http://code.google.com/events/io/sessions.html, and search for 'social'.

*Keep up with the latest I/O updates: @googleio.

By Lane LiaBraaten, OpenSocial team