WebFont Loader updated with Ascender Module

JUL 09, 2010
Two months ago we announced the WebFont Loader, a JavaScript library for improving the web font experience. Today we are pleased to announce the availability of the Ascender Module, so now you can use the WebFont Loader with Ascender’s FontsLive web font service.

The WebFont Loader was designed to make it easy to switch between different providers of web fonts, including Google, Typekit, and others. The Ascender module provides users of the FontsLive service with enhanced controls over how web fonts are handled by various browsers.

The WebFont Loader provides developers with advanced features to manage how web fonts behave, establish better consistency across all browsers and even set the fallback font size to more closely match the web font, so content doesn't reflow after loading.

Google is delighted to work with the Ascender and DevBridge teams on this new module for the WebFont Loader. We look forward to continue to advance typography on the web.