Web Standards and Coffee with Googler Alex Danilo

JUN 09, 2016

Posted by Laurence Moroney, Developer Advocate

“Without standards, things don’t work right,” said Alex Danilo, a Googler working on the HTML5 specs, trying to help us all build a better web.

In 1999, the Mars Climate Orbiter mission failed because of a bug, where onboard software represented output in one standard of measurement, while a different software module needed data in a different format. Alex discusses many other examples of how the lack of industry standards can result in problems, such as early rail systems having different gauge widths in different states, impeding travel.

Alex works with the Web Platform Working Group, whose charter is to continue the development of the HTML language, improving client-side application development, including APIs and markup vocabularies.

He shares with us details of the upcoming HTML 5.1, a refinement of HTML 5, showing us the great validator tool that makes it easier for developers to ensure that their markup is meeting standards, and the test the web forward initiative to help uncover bugs and compatibility issues between browsers.

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