Web Exponents

MAY 04, 2009
Over the last few months, I've started inviting web gurus I know to give tech talks at Google. It's been great to kick off this speaker series with such luminaries as John Resig, Doug Crockford, and PPK. (I snuck in there, too.) The biggest benefit from these talks is the release of the videos and slides. The videos are popular, with thousands of viewers. The videos make it possible to share these insights with a wider audience who might not be at the next tech conference or workshop.

For various reasons (t-shirts, YouTube playlist), it's beneficial to give this speaker series a name. I've decided to call it Web Exponents. I use "exponents" in the sense of "a person who actively supports or favors a cause". The cause, in this case, is evangelizing innovation and best practices in web development. And now, thanks to fellow Googler Mark Chow, we have the Web Exponents playlist on YouTube. You can find all the past and future videos there.

Web Exponents speakers coming up next include Rob Campbell (Firebug) and Nicholas Zakas (Yahoo! JavaScript expert). I'll write a blog post for these and other future talks, and you can subscribe to the playlist to make sure you catch all the videos.

And now for the mandatory cheesy tagline: Web Exponents - raising web technology to a higher power.

By Steve Souders, Performance Evangelist