Udacity Mobile Web Development course now live

JAN 06, 2014
Author PictureBy Peter Lubbers, Program Manager and MOOC Manufacturer

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As a web developer, you know that your users are moving to mobile platforms in droves. Beginning today, you can learn how to apply your web development skills to build great mobile web apps with Mobile Web Development (CS256) — a new Udacity MOOC training course.

In each of the course’s 12 lessons, you can watch short videos teaching you the latest mobile web development techniques, and follow a series of quizzes and interactive code challenges that will test your knowledge. Specifically, you will learn how to build web experiences that adapt to different screen sizes, how to program touch interaction, and how to configure web experiences to work great even when network conditions are suboptimal. You’ll also learn to investigate performance in mobile applications using Chrome DevTools, with a strong emphasis on mobile networking.

On Tuesday, January 7th at 9:30 a.m. PST, we are hosting an introductory Google Developers Live session with special guest and Udacity CEO, Sebastian Thrun. In this session we will tell you all about the content of the course and answer your questions live. You can add this event to your calendar and vote for your questions.

We’ll also be running a study group for the first several weeks of the course. The study group will be livestreamed (and recorded) from the Google Developer Live studio and course instructors Sean, Chris, and Peter will be there to answer any questions you might have and help you out with the course material.

We hope you’ll try out the new course and start building awesome mobile web experiences!

+Peter Lubbers is a Program Manager on the Chrome Developer Relations Team, spreading HTML5 and Open Web goodness.

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