Toward an open web standard for 3D graphics

MAR 24, 2009
For years, developers have tried to create rich 3D experiences on the web. However, the lack of a common way to render 3D graphics in the browser has forced them to use workarounds like special purpose plugins or software rendering frameworks. As a result, web users have generally experienced lower quality graphics compared to what can be found in today's desktop apps.

This is why Google is excited about the "Accelerated 3D graphics for the web" initiative by the Khronos Group and the Mozilla Foundation. As Javascript is becoming faster every day, we believe that it is time to create a general purpose API for 3D graphics on the web to allow developers to create compelling 3D applications in the browser. Khronos's initiative to develop a new, open web standard for high performance 3D graphics is a promising step in that direction. Google plans to contribute technology and web development expertise to the discussion within Khronos and the broader development community. As an active contributor to Khronos, Google would also like to encourage other technology companies to join Khronos in this effort and embrace a project that promises to move the web forward.

By Matthew Papakipos, Engineering Director and Vangelis Kokkevis, Software Engineer