Tech Talks on the Guts of Chromium

APR 29, 2009
As a developer, one of the coolest things about working on the Google Chrome web browser is that there's very little difference between being a Googler working on it and being an external contributor. Most development happens via public wikis, mailing lists, bugs, and code under the Chromium project. Chomium's openness is something we take a lot of pride in.

Last Wednesday 5 of Chromium's top contributors gave tech talks on a wide range of very technical topics. Given our commitment to openness, it shouldn't surprise you that we went to great lengths to film them. None of us had filmed a tech talk before, but through a great team effort we were able to capture some really great presentations. If you're interested in the guts of Chromium's code base, I encourage you to check them out:
By Jeremy Orlow, Software Engineer