Sitemaps in Django

SEP 18, 2006
According to its weblog, Django now includes a Sitemap Generator courtesy of a contribution by Dan Watson:
"A sitemap is an XML file on your Web site that tells search-engine indexers how frequently your pages change and how "important" certain pages are in relation to other pages on your site. This information helps search engines index your site. The Django sitemap framework automates the creation of this XML file by letting you express this information in Python code."

"In the grand Django tradition, it's simple yet powerful and flexible. Just write a Python class and hook it into your URLconf, and voila: You've got a sitemap. This was so easy to do that we set up a sitemap for It's something we probably never would've done otherwise, but it was so easy to do that we figured we might as well. I suspect others will follow the same path."