Road to Google Developers Certification: Google Cloud expert shares insight

FEB 08, 2023

Posted by Komal Sandhu - Global Program Manager, Google Developer Groups

Get insight into Google Cloud certifications and the Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud program from Google Cloud engineer, and Google Developers Group organizer, Sebastián Moreno.

Among the many inspiring experts in the Cloud developer community is Sebastián Moreno, a Google Cloud engineer and Google Developers Group(GDG) organizer for GDG Cloud Santiago Chile. He helped organize a Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud event, which had over 5000 participants. His expertise expands further while having 7 Google Cloud certificates. Read on to see Sebastián share his outlook on Google Cloud and helping developers prepare for Google Cloud Certifications.

FYI: Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud is a set of community-run events, hosted by Google Developer Groups, for developers who want to prepare for Google Cloud certifications.

This program will be available until June 31, 2022.

Tell us about yourself:

“My name is Sebastián Moreno, I am a Cloud Partner Engineer at Google. I’m a Google Developers Group organizer, former Google Developer Expert, and holder of 7 Google Cloud certificates. Also before joining Google I participated in multiple Google Cloud projects related to infrastructure modernization, data management and application modernization. I also wrote a book to prepare for the Professional Cloud Developer exam.”

What is your origin story? How did you get started in Google Cloud?

“I started my career as a developer in a Startup. In that Startup I learnt a lot of things related to frontend, backend, databases and mobile app development but at this time i didn’t know anything about cloud. “

After that I continue my career as a Technical Lead in a Global System Integrator where I started using some cloud providers.

I started learning Google Cloud when a challenge was offered by my company using Coursera and Qwiklabs. After getting Google Cloud certified I started helping my peers to prepare for the certification exams.

I wanted to share my experience and knowledge so I created the first cloud community in my country called GDG Cloud Santiago.

I joined Google in 2021 and started to help other Googlers to prepare for their certification exams.

Right now I’m an active collaborator with GDG Cloud Santiago de Chile, Google C2C community and I have a Youtube channel with more than 3.000 subscribers where I create content about Google Cloud.”

Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is a leader when we talk about Networking, Data and AI. Google Cloud also has an amazing UX and a very good documentation portal. They also have modular solutions that work like a LEGO, so you can select multiple products and services to create your own solution.”

How has Google Cloud certificates helped you in your journey?

“Google Cloud certifications helped me validate my knowledge in the beginning of my journey. It helped me to understand which topics I should cover to start a role in Cloud and learn the best practices to deliver Cloud solutions. These certificates helped me understand real life applications, which is the most important.”

Can anyone take these certifications?

“In my opinion, everyone can take these certifications, but there are some recommendations for people that are starting their Cloud journey. I recommend starting with the Associate Cloud Engineer certification for people related to tech roles and the Cloud Digital leader for people related to sales roles. Then you can try the Professional Certifications focused on more specialized topics like Security, Networking, Machine Learning, etc. It just takes discipline and time to complete. That's all. ”

What's one( or however many) best practices that developers should know when preparing for a Google Cloud certification?

“ In my opinion they need to have the discipline to work through learning material consistently everyday. You learn easier by giving enough space and time to absorb the material.

But also learning with peers and getting help from experts. That's why the Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud program was perfect for our community. Developers could help each other out and work together. Plus they had resources to learn materials like Cloud Skills Boost and a schedule they could just follow.”

Past experience with Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud program:

“In 2022 we ran several Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud events with more than 5000 participants. This year we already have more than 1000 participants and this is just the beginning.”

From your perspective what are the benefits of running a Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud program for your community?

“The possibility to get access to the Cloud Skill Boost platform is one of the most important benefits for the participants. Cloud Skills Boost has amazing content that is both practical and useful for learning.”

Find a Google Developer Group(GDG) hosting a Road to Google Developers Certification - Google Cloud event near you.

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