Retiring the Google Documents List API v3

SEP 15, 2012
Author PhotoBy Ali Afshar, Tech Lead, Google Drive Developer Relations

Cross-posted from the Google Apps Developer Blog

With the arrival of the new Google Drive API v2, we are deprecating the Google Documents List API v3. We are confident that the Google Drive API covers all the functionality of the Documents List API, in addition to adding many improvements, including Drive UI Integration, a finer grained security model, and a better client library experience.

What does this mean for your app?

The Documents List API v3 will remain in action for more than a year, as per our deprecation policy, so there’s no rush, but we encourage you to migrate your code to the new platform. Documentation is available with samples in multiple languages and a migration guide outlining some of the major transition points.

If you have any questions or issues, please ask them on, where our team is waiting to hear from you.

Ali Afshar is an eternal open source advocate. He contributes to a number of open source applications, and is the author of the PIDA Python IDE. Once an intensive care physician, he has a special interest in all aspects of technology for healthcare.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor