Open attachments with your web app directly from Gmail

NOV 12, 2013
Author PhotoBy Nicolas Garnier, Developer Relations

The Google Drive SDK lets you build apps that deeply integrate with Google Drive and today that integration is getting even better: users can now easily discover, connect, and use your Drive-enabled app right within Gmail.

When viewing attachments in Gmail, users will be able to open files with a connected app, just like they can in Google Drive. And for certain file types, they’ll also see suggestions for relevant Drive apps that let them to do more than just view their email attachments.

Opening an image in Gmail with a connected app. (Credit: Krzysztof P. Jasiutowicz)

If users don’t see the app they want, the “Connect more apps” option makes it easy for them to discover and connect with any compatible app, all without ever leaving their inbox.

Browse and connect Drive and Gmail-enabled web apps

If your Google Drive-enabled app is already listed in the Chrome Web Store's Drive collection, you don't have to do a thing. Existing users of your app will see it appear as one of their connected apps in Gmail, and new users will be able to search for it in the store.

If your web app isn’t yet Drive-enabled, check out our getting started guide to ensure your app is ready for use by any Gmail and Drive user!

Nicolas Garnier joined Google’s Developer Relations in 2008 and lives in Zurich. He is a Developer Advocate for Google Drive and Google Apps. Nicolas is also the lead engineer for the OAuth 2.0 Playground.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor