New features for App Engine announced at Campfire One

APR 07, 2009
I'm excited to announce new, highly requested features for App Engine which we unveiled a few minutes ago at Campfire One.

First, we're giving developers an 'early look' at Java™ language support for App Engine. The team has taken a standards based approach, implementing standard Java APIs on top of App Engine where possible. So instead of using the underlying App Engine datastore API, developers can program against Java Data Objects or Java Persistence API.

Developers will also be able to easily build AJAX web applications end-to-end in Java through integration with a new version of Google Web Toolkit and a Google Plugin for Eclipse to support the development experience.

In addition to the Java features, we've also released cron support , data import support, and secure access to data behind the firewall. To learn more, read the full announcement on the App Engine Blog and watch the videos from Campfire One below: (Note: The video will be live soon)

Still needing a developer fix? If you want to dive deeper into these new features, and how to get more out of App Engine and Google Web Toolkit, we encourage you to come talk to us at Google I/O on May 27-28 in San Francisco CA. We'll be there conducting in-depth App Engine and Google Web Toolkit technical sessions and talking to developers. We'd love to hear your feedback about the features, and just see what you are up to.

*Java™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

By Andrew Bowers, Google Developer Team