NetBSD and Google Summer of Code

FEB 07, 2007
After participating in the Google Summer of Code program for 2005 and 2006, NetBSD has many reasons to be proud. Most of their students are still active contributors. Several have had their code integrated into NetBSD's releases. On top of all of that, the project gained three new committers.

Alan Ritter worked with NetBSD during GSoC 2005 to port the NDIS driver from FreeBSD to NetBSD. He continued to work on his GSoC project after the program ended for the year, and he later imported his code into NetBSD's source tree on March 30, 2006. He became a developer in April 2006.

Arnaud Degroote's GSoC 2006 project to add ipv6 support to the Fast_ipsec stack will be imported into NetBSD's source tree soon. As a result of his work during GSoC, Arnaud is one of NetBSD's newest developers.

Ruibiao Qiu's 2005 GSoC project to implement wide character support in NetBSD's curses library will also be integrated into NetBSD's source tree shortly. Ruibiao became a developer for the project in January 2006.

For more information on all things NetBSD & GSoC, check out NetBSD's roundup posts for 2005 and 2006. Congratulations to NetBSD's students and mentors for their tremendous success, and thanks to NetBSD for joining us for the two years of the Google Summer of Code.