Meet the web platform again for the first time

MAR 13, 2012
By Alex Komoroske, Product Manager

Cross-posted with the Chromium Blog

A few weeks ago one of my developer friends was gushing about the capabilities of his favorite native platform. After every point I felt obliged to point out that the web platform either already had or was actively developing precisely the same capabilities—and then some. He was incredulous. "Prove it," he said.

So I pulled together a few of my favorite examples from the cutting edge of the web platform and recorded three screencasts to help my friend—and others—meet the web platform again for the first time.

The first video, Building on Foundations, goes over how the web platform has been fixing various historical shortcomings and building upon its core strengths, like complicated graphical effects, composability, and advanced text layout.

The next video, Learning from Other Platforms, reviews how the web platform offers new capabilities inspired by successes on other platforms with things like push notifications, payment APIs, and web intents.

The last video, On the Cutting Edge, demonstrates some of the new tricks the web platform is learning, like webcam access, powerful audio APIs, and complicated 3D graphics.

If you're interested in learning more about the technology behind any of the demos, check out the Meet the Web Platform companion guide.

I hope these videos capture your imagination and begin to show what is possible on the web platform. The web platform is evolving at an enormous pace, and I just can't wait to see where it goes next!

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor