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MAY 11, 2022

Posted by Ryan Novas, Product Manager, Google Pay’s Business Console and Jose Ugia, Developer Relations Engineer, Google Pay

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Today, we are introducing the Google Pay & Wallet Console, a platform that helps developers discover, integrate with, and manage Google Pay and Google Wallet features for their businesses. Integrating Google Pay and Google Wallet products has become easier and faster, with features like a common business profile and a unified dashboard. Check out the new Google Wallet section in the console’s left-hand navigation bar, where you can manage all your tickets, loyalty programs, offers and other passes resources from one place. Google Pay & Wallet Console features a more familiar and intuitive user interface that helps you reuse common bits of information, like your business information, and lets you easily browse and discover products, such as the Online API.

The new Google Wallet section in Google Pay & Wallet Console lets you request access to the API and manage your passes alongside other Google Pay and Google Wallet resources.

You can also manage authentication keys for your Smart Tap integration directly from the console, and let customers use eligible passes saved to Google Pay by simply holding their phones to NFC point-of-sale terminals.

Visit Google Pay & Wallet Console today, and start managing your existing products, or discover and integrate with new ones.

Here is what early users are saying about managing passes in the console:

“The cleaner and consistent look of Google Pay & Wallet Console helps us manage our Google Pay and Google Wallet resources more intuitively." Or Maoz, Senior Director of R&D at EngagedMedia said.

The user management additions also helped EngagedMedia better represent their team in the console:

“The new user roles and controls on Google Pay & Wallet Console help us handle permissions more intuitively and accurately, and allow us to assign roles that better reflect our team structure more easily.”

We are committed to continuously evolving Google Pay & Wallet Console to make it your go-to place to discover and manage Google Pay and Google Wallet integrations. We’d love to hear about your experience. You can share feedback with us from the “Feedback” section in the console. We’re looking forward to learning how we can make Google Pay and Google Wallet even more helpful for you in the future.

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