Looks Good To Me, Part Deux -- Assigned Code Reviewers

OCT 24, 2008
By Steve McKay, Jason Robbins, Mike Parent

In our continuing effort to improve project hosting, we have just launched a new code review feature called "assigned reviews". Assigned reviews builds on the post-commit source code review tool we announced back in July, providing your team a more structured approach to soliciting feedback and improving the quality of your code base.

Now projects that use code reviews have two choices: post-commit reviews for code reviews after submission, and assigned code reviews for all code heading into trunk. Of course, you can also not use any reviews at all. Use whatever style or styles that work best for your team.

How does it work? Simple. Commit your code to a branch of your choosing, then create a new "Type-Review" Issue requesting that another team member do a code review for your branch. Review requests can be labeled, commented on, and assigned (or reassigned) like any other issue. Once created, review requests show up both in your project's issue tracker, and in a new table at the top of your project's recent source code changes list. Check it out:

For detailed instructions, see the code review tool documentation.

Be on the lookout for more improvements to the review process in the future. Happy reviewing!