Learn the Dart language and libraries with these 11 short videos

APR 24, 2013
Author PhotoBy Seth Ladd, Developer Advocate

Sometimes, you only have 5 minutes. Luckily, with the Dart Tips series of short video tutorials, that's all you need to start learning the new Dart language and libraries. In these videos, I show off code samples and examples across the various language features of Dart.

For example, here's a quick demo of the various types of constructors in Dart:

You can check out all the videos, or jump to the topic that most interests you:
  1. A simple Dart script
  2. Runtime modes
  3. Variables
  4. Strings, numbers, booleans, oh my!
  5. Collections in Dart
  6. Functions are fun, Pt 1
  7. Functions are fun, Pt 2
  8. Control flow statements
  9. Exceptions
  10. Classes: setters & getters
  11. Classes: Constructors
We hope you enjoy these videos about Dart. If you have questions or comments about the videos, or Dart, please join us on the Dart mailing list and on Google+. As we say on Dart Tips, stay sharp!

Seth Ladd is a Developer Advocate on Dart. He's a web engineer, book author, a conference organizer, and loves a game of badminton.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor