Launchpad Accelerator expands with regional programs

APR 05, 2018

Posted by Josh Yellin - Global Lead, Launchpad Accelerator

For the past five years, Launchpad has been connecting startups from around the world with the best of Google - its people, network, methodologies, and technologies. We have worked with market leaders including BrainQ (Israel), Flutterwave (Nigeria), Jumo (South Africa), Nestaway (India), and Nubank (Brazil), empowering their sustainable growth through high-touch programs in AI/ML implementation, leadership best-practices, and access to global capital.

In order to better support startup ecosystems in key regions, we're thrilled to expand Launchpad Accelerator by introducing new, standalone initiatives. Building on Google VP Yossi Matias's initial engagement with startups in Tel Aviv, we are introducing accelerators in Tel Aviv, Israel; Lagos, Nigeria; and São Paulo, Brazil. These regional accelerators are representative of our long-term commitment to support and learn from startup ecosystems around the world.

In Tel Aviv, we are working with Machine Learning startups. Our first class launched in March with four ML startups focused on healthcare technology solutions. If you are interested in joining our next class, you can find more information here.

In Lagos, we are working with seed-stage companies solving a range of market-related problems. Our first class, which also launched in March, includes 12 startups working across e-commerce, education, and supply chain. Learn more about the Launchpad Africa program here.

In São Paulo, we will be working with growth-stage companies that operate across a number of sectors. The application for Class One is currently open and will begin in May 2018. If you wish to apply, please do so here.

We will continue to operate a program in San Francisco for top growth-stage global startups. With the addition of accelerators in key regions, we are able to design more customized programs, develop stronger relationships with our partners on the ground, and support the growth of local startup ecosystems.

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