Joomla!Day USA West at Google

MAY 15, 2007
Posted by Leslie Hawthorn, Open Source Team

Last weekend, Google hosted the first Joomla!Day to be held in the United States. Nearly 100 Joomla! developers and users came together in true unconference style, as participants led small group discussions based on attendee feedback prior to and the beginning day of the conference. Topics ranged from migrating a website from the CMS' 1.0 to 1.5 release to effective template creation. On Sunday afternoon, we had a lot of fun with our speed-geeking session, where attendees shared knowledge with one another about anything and everything, like using Joomla! to power non-profit websites to ergonomics to keep you coding for life. We ended the day Sunday with a group photo and plans in the works to start a Bay Area based Joomla! Users Group.

For those who weren't able to make it to Joomla!Day USA West, we've heard you can expect news about other Joomla!Days coming sometime later this year in Austin, Texas and New York, New York.

Many thanks to all of our guests for joining us, sharing their collective knowledge and making the weekend a useful and inspiring experience!

Photo Credit: T. J. Baker