Join a Dart Flight School event near you

JAN 21, 2014
Author PhotoBy Seth Ladd, Developer Advocate

We invite you to get your wings and learn Dart at a Flight School event near you. Throughout February, Google Developer Groups and other developer organizations across the globe will host over 50 events focused on teaching Dart. Register for an event near you.
Dart Flight School logo
The events feature a range of tech talks and code labs to help you learn client-side and server-side Dart programming, and how to compile your app to run across the mobile and modern web. You will also learn how to use modern web frameworks like Polymer and Angular with Dart.

We're happy to see some groups really embrace the theme. For example, the Seattle GDG is holding its event in the Museum of Flight, and GDG Netherlands is hosting its keynote in an old Boeing 747. With so many events all over the world, we hope you have fun at a Dart Flight School near you!

Seth Ladd is a Developer Advocate on Dart. He's a web engineer, book author, conference organizer, and loves a game of badminton.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor