Jingle Bells

DEC 14, 2005
Exciting things are happening around Google Talk today. First, Jabber has published the experimental draft Jingle specs, which extend XMPP for use in voice over IP (VoIP), video, and other peer-to-peer multimedia sessions. You can read more about that from Jabber or go straight to the specs:

JEP-0166: Jingle Signalling
JEP-0167: Jingle Audio

Second, we've released an open-source library we're calling 'Libjingle' on SourceForge. Libjingle is a set of components provided by Google that let your programs interoperate with Google Talk's peer-to-peer and voice calling capabilities. The package includes source code for Google's implementation of Jingle and Jingle-Audio. Check out the Libjingle site for more information about that and for details on how to download and implement the code.

We're also proud to have given a donation to the Jabber Software Foundation as a show of our support. They've been doing some great work and we are happy to have the opportunity to support them.