Introducing the Google Developer Podcast

MAY 14, 2007
Posted by Dion Almaer, Google Developer Programs

A fair few Googlers enjoy creating podcasts, and a large number choose to participate in the medium as listeners.

I have really enjoyed creating Audible Ajax, as it gives me a way to get close to the community. Not only do I get to meet great people and technologists as I interview them for the show, but the listeners also let me know what they like and want to hear back from me.

The better I've gotten to know Google developers and programmers in the community, the more I've wanted to highlight and share
their contributions.

Dick Wall and Carl Quinn are two Googlers that are part of the Java Posse podcast, and we were excited to team up and start communicating. The end result is a new podcast called the Google Developer Podcast.

What will we cover on the Google Developer podcast?
An interview with Bob Lee, Google Guice developer

As we were brainstorming our first podcast Google Guice was released. Guice is an open source, lightweight, dependency injection framework with an emphasis on tight Java 5 integration and high performance. It has already been put through its paces in production at Google for awhile and it was a great effort on the behalf of the Guice team to share it with the community as a whole.

The Java community noticed. A spark has ignited around the project and the ideas that it represents.

To learn more we contacted Bob Lee and had a conversation about the philosophy behind Guice and how it all works.

We hope you enjoy it.

As with all new endeavors, we are looking to the community to help define it. What can you do?
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