Introducing Google's DoubleClick For Publishers API

FEB 22, 2010
Today, we announced the next generation of our ad serving technology for online publishers, the new DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) from Google. We are pleased to announce that the new version of DFP comes with a modern API that enables publishers and third-parties to customize and extend the product.

The new API is available to publishers who use DFP, as well as to third-parties and vendors who would like to build applications on top of DFP. A growing community of developers are already working on sales, order management, workflow and data visualization tools. We've incorporated feedback on the existing DART for Publishers API and believe the new API is a significant step forward. It uses SOAP, a standard and widely-adopted messaging technology that uses HTTP requests to transmit and receive XML data between your client and our servers. This means you can use it with virtually any programming language of your choice. We have a wealth of public documentation available online and there are numerous code samples and client libraries ready for you to download.

To learn more about the new API, there are a few places to get started:

We are looking forward to working with you and seeing what you build!

By Adam Rogal, DoubleClick For Publishers API Team