Introducing Google Doctype

MAY 14, 2008
By Mark Pilgrim, Google Code Team

The open web is the web built on open standards: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more. The open web is a beautiful soup of barely compatible clients and servers. It comprises billions of pages, millions of users, and thousands of browser-based applications. You can access the open web with open source and proprietary browsers, on open source and proprietary operating systems, on open source and proprietary hardware.

Google has built its business here, on the open web, and we want to help you build here too. To that end, we are happy to announce the formation of an encyclopedia for web developers, by web developers: Google Doctype.

In its current (beta) form, Google Doctype contains dozens of articles written by top Googlers on topics important to all web developers: security, performance, caching, DOM manipulation, CSS styling, and more. It contains over 8,000 lines of JavaScript code: Google's own battle-tested JavaScript library, released today under a liberal open source license. And it contains the beginnings of a test-driven reference of the open web: a reference of every element, every attribute, every DOM method, every CSS property, all backed up by test cases.

Well, not quite every property; at least, not yet. We're still working on filling in a few of the details about the world's largest development platform ever, and we need your help. And so we humbly offer this fledgling encyclopedia under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and we invite the web developers of the world to contribute to it. Sign in with your Google account and edit any page, any article, anywhere. Create new ones, update old ones, and help expand the world's understanding of the open web.