Introducing Calendar Gadgets

AUG 21, 2007
By Michael Bolin, Google Calendar Team

You've seen them on iGoogle, in IBM WebSphere Portal, and now you can find them in your favorite online calendar -- that's right, now we're supporting Gadgets in Google Calendar! If you're a Scorpio like me, you can add this gadget that lets you check your horoscope from your calendar (don't worry, all the signs of the zodiac are supported). And if astrology isn't your thing, how about games? This Sudoku gadget was created by Alex Komoroske, one of our interns on the Docs & Spreadsheets team. If you add the gadget, you'll see that the daily puzzles get harder throughout the week.

Finally, if you like to keep up on celebrity birthdays, the birthday reminder will show you who you are idolizing that day:

But you don't have to be a Googler to create a Calendar Gadget -- we have put together new documentation to help you get your favorite Gadgets into Calendar. If you are itching to write some code, then you can use GData or ICAL to add some fancy Calendar Gadget events to your calendar. But if you're out of Red Bull and don't have the time for a late-night hacking session, then you may want to try our new "of-the-day" Calendar Gadget wizard, which makes it easy to take an existing Google Gadget and have it show up once a day, every day, just like the Horoscope and Sudoku Gadgets do.

Let us know how your experiences with Calendar Gadgets are going in the Google Calendar GData API developer forum.