How to set up Ads on your AMP Pages

SEP 28, 2016

Posted by Arudea Mahartianto, Google AMP Specialist

From conception, the open source Accelerated Mobile Pages Project has had a clear goal --- to make the mobile web experience better and faster for users. This extends beyond content to creating a user-first approach to advertising as well.

To realize this vision, the AMP team created an advertising solution that follows four core principles:

Ads in AMP are delivered using the amp-ad component. Using this component you can configure your ads in a number of ways such as the width, length, layout mode and ad loading strategy. Different ad networks might allow even more options.

Here is an example of an DoubleClick responsive ad implementation in AMP:


The type attribute informs the amp-ad component which ad platform to use. In this case we want DoubleClick and therefore the type value is doubleclick. For above the fold responsive ad implementation please use layout="fixed-height" instead and limit the ad height so users will get a fast loading content-focused experience from the very start.

Any attributes starting with data- in amp-ad are ad platform-specific attributes, including the data-slot attribute in the snippet above. Each ad platform will have different attributes available to configure. For example, compare the above DoubleClick example with another AMP ad example that uses the Rubicon platform:

<amp-ad width=320 height=50

For more amp-ad implementation examples, please check out AMP By Example. You can also check out the amp-ad documentation for the complete list of supported ad networks and their configuration semantics.

The team is also developing newer, better ways to bring the benefits of AMP to the ads ecosystem with initiatives like AMP for Ads and AMP Ad Landing Pages. These solutions will enable advertisers to design creatives and ad landing pages that are more consistent with the AMP experience publishers are bringing to users. We believe this will bring us closer to the goal of making the entire mobile web experience faster and better for everybody.