Google Summer of Code Update: Adium

NOV 03, 2006
Evan Schoenberg, mentor and organization administrator for Adium, has posted a writeup on Adium's participation in GSoC 2006.  It's wonderful to hear that several of their students plan to continue working on Adium; it's also great to see that the Adium is further benefiting from GSoC through work done by a student working with the Gaim project this summer.  Evan also included some advice for students interested in working with Adium for GSoC, and his advice is definitely useful to any student thinking of applying for the program next year:
Get the code and have a look around before making time estimates. Parts of Adium are, to be honest, pretty spaghetti-like code. It's also a lot larger than most student projects. Having a feel for these issues will help you plan more accurately. Google Summer of Code is intended to be a full-time internship, demanding full-time hours; schedule your summer appropriately, as it will be fun but also hard work.
Congratulations to Adium's mentors and students for all of their achievements this summer, and many thanks to Adium for joining us in the program once again!