Google Sitemaps, ajaxslt, Maps, Firefox updates and more...

NOV 21, 2005
It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Google. First off, the Sitemaps team has updated their interface to give you better information about the Sitemap derived crawl, so check that out. Also, there are a whole whack of new Sitemaps programs on the Third Party page, including a plugin for Drupal and others.

On the Ajaxslt front, Steffen has updated and pushed out a new version 0.4 of that library, which you can find on SourceForge.

Googler Jonathan has released a wicked cool Firefox extension that allows you to label your Firefox windows with better mnemonic titles that better reflect the use of that tab. Firetitle can be found on the site. Works great with Firefox versions up through 1.5b2. Check it out!

Finally the maps team has put up a team blog centered around the API, so subscribe to that with your reader, if you like.