Google launches new developer education programs

JUN 28, 2012
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By Wesley Chun, Developer Relations

We are very excited to welcome more than 5,000 developers to Google I/O this week. As we celebrate new product launches, and share knowledge during sessions, codelabs, Sandbox demos and office hours, we don't want to be limited to exchanging information with our developers only three days a year. In this spirit, we took the first step last week, launching Google Developers Live, a place for developers to connect face-to-face with Google engineers as well as each other in a live setting. However, real-time is not always the most convenient, so to address this, we’re announcing two more programs: Google Developers Academy and Google Developers University Consortium.

Google Developers Academy is a new program that provides training materials on Google technologies. Developers will learn and solidify their skills on many of our developer tools and APIs. We've launched with courses covering a variety of services like Google App Engine, Google Drive, YouTube, and our many advertising APIs. This is just the start, as we'll add new lessons regularly.

Google Developers University Consortium is a collaborative community of academics who use Google's tools and developer platforms for instruction and research. We are providing teachers and researchers with a platform to share their materials and communicate freely with other faculty worldwide. This is a great place for the academic community to make announcements about their work, highlight successes, publish research, exchange content, and share their enthusiasm and knowledge with each other.

By providing more learning tools and interaction platforms for the global community, we are building and enhancing the skill set of today's and tomorrow's Google developers and helping them build the next generation of awesome apps!

If you're attending Google I/O, please stop by our booth in the Google TV lounge right across from the GDG Tattoo table.

Wesley Chun is author of the bestselling Core Python books and Developer Advocate at Google, specializing in cloud computing & academia. He has over two decades of programming, teaching & writing experience, and was one of the original Yahoo!Mail engineers. Wesley loves traveling worldwide to meet Google developers; follow him on Google+ and Twitter.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor