Google I/O Interactive Map: Now with videos + some Open Source goodness!

JUN 10, 2009
If you attended Google I/O 2009 a few weeks ago, you may have noticed a kiosk station on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Moscone West labelled 'Interactive Conference Map, powered by Google Maps'. The kiosk simply pointed to a JavaScript Maps API-based interactive map of the venue I created in my 20% time.

Now that all the I/O session videos and presentations are live, we took the opportunity to mash up the videos with our interactive conference map to provide developers with an alternate way to navigate through 80+ keynote and session videos, and bring the action at I/O to life virtually. For example, here are videos of sessions that took place in Room 1 (click the tabs for Wednesday and Thursday sessions). And here's where the keynote sessions took place. Check out where we filmed interviews with I/O sandbox developers on their apps, technical challenges and business best practices.

Now, hopefully you enjoyed using the map and are now thinking, "Cool, I want to do something like this for my next event!" (or your college campus, or such). If you are, then good news everyone, I've open sourced the interactive conference map and all relevant resources. Inside the project, you'll also find a how to article outlining the steps I went through to create the map.

If you attended I/O, then I hope you enjoyed it and had time to stop by the conference map kiosk! If not, no worries, just make sure to check out the open source project and see if you can use the code and/or techniques in your next mapping project!

By Roman Nurik, Developer Programs Engineer