Google Gadget Guru

AUG 02, 2006
Posted by: Jessica Ewing, Product Manager

We've seen a lot of great gadgets created for the Google homepage recently. Topping the list of our Top Gadget Developers is Caleb Eggensperger. Caleb is a 16 year-old student at the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences & the Arts. He's famous for his Countdown gadget, which our users are crazy about. Go figure.

We recently welcomed Caleb to our campus, where he met with our team to discuss his ideas around the personalized homepage as well as our Gadget API. Our conclusion was that Caleb is a genius and is going to take over the world some day so we made sure to get on his good side. We took him to lunch, played a round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf, and arranged a run-in with Marissa Mayer. Congratulations, Caleb.

Want to try to knock Caleb out of the top spot and get invited to Google next year? Write some cool gadgets for the homepage.