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FEB 22, 2012
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By Mike Winton, Director of Developer Relations

Last September we announced the Google+ API and introduced our Google Developers site as our planned new home for developer information. Since then, we’ve made steady progress in building - by migrating existing content from, and by adding new pages and features to the new site. Our goal with the Google Developers site is to bring together all developer resources, programs, events, tools, and community into one place. wasn’t built in a day (it’s been around for almost 7 years), and it will take some time to make the new Google Developers site at your single destination for all the resources we offer. But we’re working toward that goal every day. Soon, all our information will be on this new Google Developers site, and Google Code will return to its roots as an open source project hosting service.

Google Developers logo

As part of this project, today we’re introducing a new identity, complete with a new look, to unify all of our developer offerings. Our new logo says Google Developers, and that's intentional: it reflects our focus on you, not just the tools we provide.

Another part of this update is the new blog you’re reading right now: Google Developers Blog. We’re going to use this blog to continue to provide you with useful news and updates about new developer tools and technologies, ways to speed up your apps and sites, upcoming events, and of course, fun stuff on Fridays. In addition to the blog, we’ll continue to share and converse on our +Google Developers page.

Thanks for all your support over the years, and welcome to the new Google Developers community!

Mike Winton founded and leads Google's global Developer Relations organization. He also enjoys spending time with his family and DJing electronic music.

Posted by Scott Knaster, Editor